How do I feel about rejection?

I was rejected.  OK, maybe it was one of my manuscripts that faced rejection.  But you can guess how I feel about that. Not good.

Not a direct quote.

I think the harshest part was that the editor took the time to reject it personally.  When you get a form letter, you can pretend that no one really read it and that your genius will go undiscovered another day. When they take the time to tell you why they hate your book-child and why it’s deformed and hideous then it feels a little personal.  I admit that the individual may not have used those EXACT words.  But that’s what it feels like.

But the problem with writing is that if you want to have your work read by other human beings then first it has to… be read by other human beings.  And those jackasses keep having opinions! The nerve! The unmitigated gall!

TV vs. Books

The other problem with this particular work is that I’ve also written it to be a script.  I believe the idea is imminently wonderful and would be a great TV show.  However, TV and Publishing have two wildly different esthetics.  The notes I’ve received on the script were that it should be funnier.  The book notes said there was too much banter.  Or in other words… too funny.

Here’s the idea.

Vampire Heist (based on A Bite of Paris): When the vampire Nicholas de Cervon discovers that his former home is now a museum he reunites the old horde to pull off the heist of his after-life and get revenge on the Igor who betrayed him.

I don’t know what to tell you.  I like banter.  Will I be taking another editorial pass at it to see if I can make my characters express the dreaded ennui and tragedy that makes up the drudgery of life (places hand dramatically on brow)… yes, I probably will.  Will I add a pratfall to the script… maybe.


Meanwhile, today is #screenpit over on Twitter. If you like my vampire idea and agree that it should be a TV show, head on over and give me a retweet today.