Top Secret Carrie Mae Information

Carrie Mae Consultants
Nikki Lanier

Nikki Lanier

NAME: Lanier, Nicole “Nikki”
ALIAS: none
BORN: Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada
HEIGHT: 5’4″
HAIR: red
EYES: gray
FAMILY: Nell O’Connelly (mother), Phillipe Lanier (father)
EMPLOYMENT: current Carrie Mae Foundation Agent
PERSONAL HISTORY: The daughter of a Quebecois Canadian and an American (divorced), Nikki has always felt different from her friends. Desperate to fit in with the popular crowd, Nikki joined many social clubs and became a cheerleader in high school. But her desperation and herd mentality eventually caused her college boyfriend, Jackson Tyrell, to break-up with her. When her post-college life yielded no jobs in her field, Nikki was forced to move back in with her mother. After winning the starter kit at a Carrie Mae recruiting meeting, Nikki tried Carrie Mae make-up sales. This attempt resulted in her arrest, and her later recruitment into the Carrie Mae Foundation by Mrs. Miranda Merrivel.

Persons of Interest

sarkassianNAME: Sarkassian, Jirair
BORN: Yerevan, The Republic of Armenia
HEIGHT: 5’11”
HAIR: black
EYES: brown
DISTINGUISHING MARKS: scar on left forearm, side, and thigh due to shrapnel, double headed eagle tattoo on right shoulder
FAMILY: deceased
EMPLOYMENT: arms dealer, slave trader
PERSONAL HISTORY: Sarkassian grew up in the capital city of Armenia during a time of political upheaval, war with Azerbijan and the country’s separation from the USSR. Smart and ruthless, Jirair parlayed a previous stint in a gang into a drug-dealing operation that extended over half the country by the time he was twenty. As the political situation stabilized, Jirair’s business became increasingly untenable and he made the switch to dealing weapons on an international scale, eventually relocating his home base to Thailand. When the tsunami of 12/26/04 sank one of his most crucial shipments, Jiair switched his business again, this time to focus on human trafficking.

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