The Deveraux Legacy

The Deveraux Family: wealthy, glamorous, powerful… and in a lot of trouble. Senator Eleanor Deveraux lost her children in a plane crash, but she has a second chance to get her family right with her four grandchildren – Evan, Jackson, Aiden and Dominique. But second chances are hard to seize when politics, mercenaries, and the dark legacy of the Deveraux family keep getting in the way.

The storyline is so much fun and the romance is sweet and sexy but the characters are everything.

I adored every character in the book.

Trust me, the intriguing plot will keep you on the edge.

I enjoy love stories, but the suspense and thrilling who-dunnit scenes had me up all night reading until I finished the book.

I expected the book to hit a lull at some point but it never did. Solid tension, action and ‘ooh la la’ all the way through.

…the perfect mix between romance, suspense and mystery.

Love the characters and the action throughout the book. Can’t wait to read the next one!

5 stars – This was such a fun book to read with “laugh out loud” dialog (and thoughts) by the characters, hot romance and action.

5 stars – This story is full of just the right amount of romance and suspense!

The Lost Heir (prequel novella)

The Deveraux Legacy is built on secrets, but some secrets won’t stay hidden.

Jackson Deveraux was orphaned, abandoned and imprisoned, but life is about to hand him a second chance and a new family. When Eleanor Deveraux discovers an illegitimate grandson in prison for armed robbery she grits her teeth and does her duty—she gets him out. But being out of prison doesn’t instantly make Jackson part of the family. And as Jackson and his cousins struggle to find common ground, Eleanor steers Jackson away from befriending her other grandchildren.  She only needs Jackson to keep them out of trouble—not be their friend.  But Jackson and Dominique, the youngest Deveraux cousin, have other plans and, as his first Christmas as Deveraux arrives, Jackson sets himself on the path to fixing the Deveraux family and getting the family he’s always wanted.

Release Date: 12.07.20
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The Second Shot (book 1)

Being a Deveraux is dangerous and so is being with a Deveraux.

A drunken mistake in college cost US Marshal Maxwell Ames the affection of Dominique Deveraux and six years later, he’s determined to fix the slip-up. But there’s just one tiny problem—someone wants the Deveraux family dead. Dominique Deveraux never expected Max to reappear in her life, let alone apologize, but as Dominique investigates the mysterious attacks on her wealthy family Max quickly becomes far more than her one time college classmate. Now, Max and Dominique must dodge mercenaries and bullets as they try to make sure that they’re the only ones who get a second shot.

Release Date: 10.24.19

The Cinderella Secret (book 2)

Aiden Deveraux has secrets. His secrets could get her killed.

Aiden Deveraux is a hot-shot lawyer with a secret identity—the mask wearing street-fighter named Number Nine. But when his family’s company is threatened, Aiden faces his toughest opponent yet, the brilliant and gorgeous Ella Zhao. Ella is in New York to bring down the people to blame for her father’s death—the Deveraux family—and she’s not about to let some Prince Charming lawyer like Aiden stop her. But as Aiden and Ella scramble to uncover the past that no one, including their own families, wants revealed, they find themselves running from a murderer who knows the Deveraux and Zhao all too well. With their hearts, lives, and millions of dollars on the line, Aiden and Ella may have to trust each other with their secrets if they want to make it out of this fight alive.

Release Date: 10.19.20

The Hardest Hit (book 3)

Evan Deveraux has faced down his demons, but can he face his own family?

The one thing that kept troubled Wall Street wizard Evan Deveraux from giving into his own depression was the love of his family. But as Evan digs deeper into his family’s past he discovers a secret that shakes his faith in the Deveraux family. Now the only person Evan trusts is the brilliant and adorable Dr. Olivia West.  But Evan’s abusive past and dark family history are on a collision course with the present and even as Evan fights to keep Olivia safe from the mercenaries targeting his family, Evan and Olivia find their relationship in cross-hairs of both their families.  Evan is going to need the help of all of his cousins to make his happily ever after come true.

Release Date: 10.18.21

The Fallen Man (book 4)

Jackson Deveraux would kill for his family, but what will they do for him?

When orphan and convicted felon Jackson Zane (now Deveraux) realized that he was part of the wealthy Deveraux family he thought he’d found his proverbial happily ever after. But he quickly realized that each of his three new cousins had problems. For the last seven years, Jackson has dedicated himself to fixing and protecting his new family, all while ruling out love for himself. Katie St. Cloud, the in debt up to her eyeballs bartender-slash-model, has been on the run from love too. But when she meets Jackson, Katie thinks that she’s met the perfect definitely-not-a-boyfriend of her dreams. It’s only when the Deveraux family’s enemies come crashing into her life that Jackson and Katie have to face the truth—they may be in love and that may not be enough. And as the family faces one last threat, Jackson finds that saving the Deverauxes might just mean giving up on love for good. But the Deveraux cousins aren’t going down without a fight and Evan, Aiden, and Dominique set out to fix their mistakes, save Jackson, and cement the Deveraux Legacy once and for all.

Release Date: 10.18.22


The Fallen Man

Audio Clip from The Second Shot

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The Second Shot is Maincrest Media Award Winner for the audio version and a a finalist in the the Pacific Northwest Writer’s Association 2019 Literary Contest in the Romance / Women’s Fiction Category.

Cinderella Secret Reviews

The storyline was stunning…loved the characters and the family drama present here…the attraction between Aiden and Ella was overloaded with hotness.

The Cinderella Secret was intense. But that ending! It was oh so satisfying…

Wow wow wow!!! 100/5 star review!!! This book was a nice blend of mystery, romance, court room drama, and even a little bit of Illegal fighting.

I can’t get over how good this story was. I even went back and started reading the 1st book. Definitely a must read.

I had been waiting in anticipation for this sequel and it did not disappoint. … Cannot recommend enough. This series is a page turner and I cannot wait for the next book.