Back to Mysteries?  When did I leave?

As with many people COVID changed my priorities.  Most people of course were referring to their families and jobs, but I have to admit that I’m referring to my book series.  I had two core series The Deveraux Legacy and The San Juans Mysteries and I love the characters in each series.  They’ve been good friends for a long time.  And both series have a mystery (or multiple mysteries) at their core.

The Deveraux Legacy – Mystery? Mostly Yes.  Ok, somewhat.

The Deveraux Legacy is a romantic suspense series about a family trying to unravel their dysfunctional history while protecting themselves from a greedy narcissistic Big Pharma executive.  Four cousins Dominique, Aiden, Evan, and Jackson are struggling to understand their past and find romance and there’s a good dose of nekkid time sprinkled among the adventures.

San Juan Mysteries – OK, yes, these are totally mysteries.

And the San Juans Mysteries take place in the San Juan Islands of Washington state where ex-actress Tish Yearly solves mysteries with her ex-CIA agent grandfather Tobias Yearly.  Tish has a steady fella by the name of Emmett Nash and while they may get up to some steamy nonsense it’s all behind closed doors because, gosh darn it, we’ve got a mystery solve here.

What happened?

I had no plans to do anything other than finish the fourth Deveraux book – The Fallen Man (coming October 2022!) and finally, give Tish and her boyfriend a bit of closure on her old acting life with book 4 of the San Juans.  And then…  came the 3 Colors Trilogy and the pandemic.  And suddenly I took an abrupt left turn into paranormal romance.  Which believe me has been fun and not entirely free of mystery, but certainly no one would classify them as a “Who Dun It.” But as the pandemic is winding down, I’ve come back to some familiar territory as I try to finish out the Christmas mystery novella I started pre-pandemic – Winter Wonderland.  But wooeee! What a shock to the system!

Winter Wonderland - Christmas Mystery RomanceA mystery needs clues!

What? Clues?  What is this nonsense.  Can’t I have my characters just kiss and declare “The End”?  No?  Sheesh.  You want to know who stole the diamond too?  Will the demands never cease?  OK, I admit, that I would also like to know that.  So… you’re saying I should get back to work?  Hm.  OK, I can take a hint.  Back to typing I go.  Wish me luck as I try to remember how to write a mystery!