Release Day Teaser Image for A Deeper BlueIt’s Alive!!

It’s release day for A Deeper Blue! It’s is now live and ready to be bought by ACTUAL READERS!  Ahhhhhhhh!!!  Don’t mind me while I have a happy dance slash melt into a puddle.

Release Day – Again?

This trilogy was so much fun to write that I wanted to get it out to readers in a very short timespan. I remember waiting ages and ages for series to release a book and I hated it. I wanted to give readers all the fun of reading practically all at once. And when I set the release dates at five weeks a part I foolishly thought that my future self could totally handle that.  But now that it’s actually here I have to say: whew! Sustained marketing for three months straight is hard work.  But at least now I’m on the last lap with one more book to go – A Brighter Yellow (out April 27th)!

Early Reviews

The Advance Reader reviews have been incredibly positive and I’m giddy over how many people took the trip from hating Azure in Book 1 to loving her in Book 2.  It’s been so gratifying to have people fall in love with my characters the same way I did.  It’s also been nice to hear how many people came to the series as fresh readers.  To have a second book stand up as a stand-alone novel means that I’ve done my job as a writer.

Want to know More?

Well, then go check it out!  You can read now on Kindle Unlimited or buy for ¢.99 until 3/25/22.

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