When is a Plotter a Pantser?

I recently participated in a fun podcast where I debated the old writing argument of whether to plot out a novel in detail or whether or to simply dive in and wing it. I was arguing for the plotter side.  As a former pantser, I can attest to the joy of just flinging oneself into a project, but sooner or later there has to be an actual plot. In general, if you want to write a book, you’re not allowed to spend endless amounts of time hanging out with your imaginary friends and not have anything happen, or only a series of unconnected events.  If you do that, people call you crazy.  If you have a plot, they call you a writer.

But Pantsers Write Books Too!

But somehow pantsers do manage to get books written. Books in which events occur in a coherent manner even. So how do they do it? Well, eventually they find themselves a plot and the meet an editor.  I would argue that most pantser have internalized story structure to the point that they can move forward with a story and know generally what they want to have happen.  Sadness over here.  Shocking twist over there.  Smoochy faces at the end.  The specifics, they fill in as they go. And then an editor comes along and shakes out all the inconsistencies.

So which one is better?

One of the great things about being on a podcast is talking to writers that I wouldn’t ordinarily be able to spend an hour with.  It was lovely to hear some of the reasons for pantsing and I think it becomes quite obvious that all any writer is looking to do is make it easier to write. Some people have to lure their muse with wine and chocolate and some say welcome to my spreadsheet.  The plotters want to contain the chaos so that it doesn’t stress them out and the pantsers want to free themselves from the stress of checklists.  The answer is not which one is better but which one is better for you and even which one is better for your right now.  Finding the answer can mean the difference between proceeding with a project and getting stuck in the hell of writers block.

Listen / watch to the Plotter vs. Pantser Podcast at Hidden Gems.