Today I’m excited to announce that the fourth book in my Carrie Mae Mystery series—GLOSSED CAUSE—is available for pre-order! (Available August 8th!)

In the Carrie Mae Mysteries you’ll enter a world where the Carrie Mae Cosmetics Corporation has decided that helping women form their own home-based cosmetics sales businesses isn’t enough. They want to help women everywhere, and sometimes that requires more than the protection of waterproof mascara—sometimes that takes a silenced .38 and the ability to kick more than a little ass.

In Bulletproof Mascara we met the red-headed, hot-tempered Nikki Lanier and followed her through training and a first mission with partner, turned traitor, Val Robinson. And in Compact with the Devil and High-Caliber Concealer, we learned more about Nikki, her staunch team of friends, and her tempestuous relationship with the drop-dead-sexy and drop-dead dangerous boyfriend Z’ev Coralles, but in Glossed Cause we’ve come full circle. Val is back and she’s brought nothing but trouble…

GLOSSED CAUSE: Top Carrie Mae agent Nikki Lanier’s nemesis and ex-partner Val Robinson has returned from the dead and she wants Nikki’s help. When Val said that Phillipe Lanier—Nikki’s long-absent father—had been kidnapped, Nikki dropped everything—friends, family, boyfriend, to fly to the rescue. But soon Nikki realizes that her father’s kidnapping may not be what it seems and she may have just tanked her life for one of his ridiculous schemes. As Nikki and Val arrive in Amsterdam, Nikki realizes that if wants to her life back, she’s going to have to not only stop an international arms dealer, but convince her boyfriend, CIA Agent Z’ev Coralles, that she’s not the bad guy and that Carrie Mae isn’t a terrorist organization. But with Philippe refusing to be rescued, and an INTERPOL agent gunning for Val and Nikki, as well as making moves on Z’ev, Nikki is starting to doubt her own abilities. Can she do it, or is it a Glossed Cause?