Chapter by Chapter

I recently read a review on Goodreads of my book GlossedCause. 

I love this series from Bethany Maines! Such a funny and interesting read throughout and makes you want to keep reading! This series is definitely best read in order, short stories included! A few nitpicky things that I didnt like were titled Chapters that was a theme for the chapter. (I like a simple number or location & number) and I’d love another book where Carrie Mae played a bigger role.
The reviewer gave me a good number of stars and overall that’s a pretty dang good review.  So, thanks mystery reviewre!  But I find myself flummoxed by the comment on chapter numbers.  I just… I mean… Chapter numbers?
First of all she’s completely blowing my theory that no one reads my chapter titles.  The truth is—and this is a deep dark secret regarding the chapter titles in the Carrie Mae series—they’re really just for me.  I mean, I hope the rest of you who bother to
read them enjoy them too.  But really they’re a secret code while I’m writing that means I can glance at the table of contents and remember what’s going on in each chapter. Also, they’re usually song titles which means at the end of the book I have a pretty nifty playlist.  (Check out this one from Bulletproof Mascara chapter titles on the Carrie Mae YouTube channel.)
I’m not sure what lesson is to be learned from this, other than I should stop reading reviews, but I’m sure I’ve definitely learned it.  Maybe.  Or maybe next time I’ll do chapter titles with latitude and longitude and possibly three character names and a unicorn.  We’ll just have to wait and see.