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Lanier, Nicole
Nikki Lanier

Nikki Lanier

NAME: Lanier, Nicole “Nikki”
ALIAS: none
BORN: Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada
HEIGHT: 5’4″
HAIR: red
EYES: gray
FAMILY: Nell O’Connelly (mother), Phillipe Lanier (father)
EMPLOYMENT: current Carrie Mae Foundation Agent
PERSONAL HISTORY: The daughter of a Quebecois Canadian and an American (divorced), Nikki has always felt different from her friends. Desperate to fit in with the popular crowd, Nikki joined many social clubs and became a cheerleader in high school. But her desperation and herd mentality eventually caused her college boyfriend, Jackson Tyrell, to break-up with her. When her post-college life yielded no jobs in her field, Nikki was forced to move back in with her mother. After winning the starter kit at a Carrie Mae recruiting meeting, Nikki tried Carrie Mae make-up sales. This attempt resulted in her arrest, and her later recruitment into the Carrie Mae Foundation by Mrs. Miranda Merrivel.

Baxter, Jennifer
Jenny Baxter

Jenny Baxter

NAME: Baxter, Jennifer “Jenny”
BORN: Peachtree, GA
HEIGHT: 5’8”
HAIR: blonde
EYES: blue
DISTINGUISHING MARKS: crown tattoo on right hip
FAMILY: Jonas Baxter (father), Rachel-Ann Baxter (mother), Jonas Jr. Baxter, Timothy Baxter (brothers)
current…Carrie Mae Foundation Agent
2008-2009…Aerobics Instructor
2007-2008…Guard Dog Trainer
2005-2007…Campus Security for Georgia State University – terminated for excessive force
Born to a former Miss Georgia and a small town lawyer with political ambitions, Jenny had early training in how to be blonde and perky. But with three brothers she also acquired a violent streak and a taste for “shooting shit”. She tried pageants, thought about joining the police, and got a BA at Georgia State while she was trying to figure out what to do with her life. When Carrie Mae came calling, she leapt at the opportunity to have a job that let her exercise her fashion sense and shoot people.

Marston, Ellen
Ellen Marston

Ellen Marston

NAME: Marston, Ellen
AGE: 49
BORN: Wichita, Kansas
HEIGHT: 5’6”
HAIR: gray, dark brown
EYES: brown
FAMILY: Kate Sanders, Megan Ellis (daughters)
EMPLOYMENT: 2010 – current…Carrie Mae Foundation, Field Agent
PERSONAL HISTORY: The wife of a University level English professor Ellen was never considered unusual except for her interest in the sport of target shooting – an interest that she took care to keep discreetly away from her husbands more liberal, anti-gun colleagues. When her husband died unexpectedly after the marriage of their second daughter, Ellen found herself alone for the first time in thirty years and she returned to the target range as a way to fill her time. At the target range she met some very friendly women who worked for the Carrie Mae Foundation and she soon found herself recruited to their espionage branch.

Rozmarek, Jane
Jane Rozmarek

Jane Rozmarek

NAME: Rozmarek, Jane
BORN: Barstow, California
HEIGHT: 5’6”
HAIR: black / dark brown / orange / purple
EYES: brown
FAMILY: Michelle Rozmarek (mother), Karl Rozmarek (father)
2005 – current…Carrie Mae Foundation, Information Specialist
1999-2001…Dairy Queen, drive through operator
PERSONAL HISTORY: As the daughter of a Project Manager and an Army Computer specialist stationed at Fort Irwin, CA, Jane learned computer skills and object prioritization early in life. She worked her way through college at USC as a Dairy Queen drive-through operator and was heavily recruited by several companies. Carrie Mae beat the competition by promising her involvement in research & development and the chance to save the world occasionally. Her parents were very disappointed by her choice and believe that working for a make-up charity foundation is a waste of her talents.

Robinson, Valerie

Val-DeceasedNAME: Robinson, Valerie “Val”
formerly Valerie Matheson
BORN: Davisville, Rhode Island
HEIGHT: 5’9”
HAIR: black
EYES: brown
DISTINGUISHING MARKS: 666 tattoo on her right buttock
FAMILY: Robinson, Marc (divorced), Laura Matheson (aunt)
1986 – current…Carrie Mae Foundation
1983 – 1986…Carrie Mae (sales)
PERSONAL HISTORY: Val was born into a broken family and learned the life philosophy of
looking out for number one early on. After she was arrested on racketeering charges (for
running her make-up sales group like the mob), she was recruited to the Carrie Mae
Foundation by Dr. Lillian Hastings. Valerie took to espionage quickly, but never really
believed the “up with women” slogans of the Carrie Mae Foundation. After her marriage to
art dealer Marc Robinson fizzled, Val became increasingly tempestuous and unable to co-
exist with new working partners.

Persons of Interest
Sarkassian, Jirair

sarkassianNAME: Sarkassian, Jirair
BORN: Yerevan, The Republic of Armenia
HEIGHT: 5’11”
HAIR: black
EYES: brown
DISTINGUISHING MARKS: scar on left forearm, side, and thigh due to shrapnel, double headed eagle tattoo on right shoulder
FAMILY: deceased
EMPLOYMENT: arms dealer, slave trader
PERSONAL HISTORY: Sarkassian grew up in the capital city of Armenia during a time of political upheaval, war with Azerbijan and the country’s separation from the USSR. Smart and ruthless, Jirair parlayed a previous stint in a gang into a drug-dealing operation that extended over half the country by the time he was twenty. As the political situation stabilized, Jirair’s business became increasingly untenable and he made the switch to dealing weapons on an international scale, eventually relocating his home base to Thailand. When the tsunami of 12/26/04 sank one of his most crucial shipments, Jiair switched his business again, this time to focus on human trafficking.

Masters, Kit

kitNAME: Masters, Christopher “Kit”
BORN: London, England
HEIGHT: 5’10”
HAIR: dark brown
EYES: blue
DISTINGUISHING MARKS: “Love Forever”, celtic knot tattoo left shoulder
FAMILY: Camille Masters (mother), Declan O’Deirdan (father, deceased), Mathew O’Deirdan (uncle, presumed deceased), Maud Masters (grandmother)
PERSONAL HISTORY: Son of Agent Camille Masters and raised primarily by his grandmother Maud, Kit grew up in London and joined the boy band @Last. When the band imploded, Kit and fellow band member Brandt Dettling formed Faustus Records. Through constant touring Kit has gained a growing fan base and is on the precipice of international fame. About this time he also became a full blown drug addict. On his third album and third trip to rehab he decides to make a serious commitment to remaining sober. Only his body guard, Duncan, and his make-up lady, Trista, truly support him in this effort, everyone else thinks that by the end of the tour he’ll be back to drugs, just like every other tour.

Lanier, Philippe

phillipeNAME: Philippe Lanier
BORN: Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada
HEIGHT: 5’9”
HAIR: red/gray
EYES: gray
FAMILY: Nikki Lanier (Daughter), Nell Lanier (ex-wife)
PERSONAL HISTORY: Phillipe Lanier was a charming, carefree hippie, who wanted to help overthrow “the man”, get back to nature, and disassociate himself from his business mogul father. Nell O’Conelly, a farmer’s daughter, wanted to be the sort of person who had a business mogul husband. Neither of them got what they wanted. The final straw came when her Phillipe was busted for smuggling pot out of Canada. Determining that he was not the sort of influence she wanted on Nikki or herself, Nell divorced him and moved to Seattle. Crushed by loss of his daughter, Phillipe began to travel as a merchant marine, an adventurous life that let him dabble in smuggling, revolutions, and eco-terrorism.

Tyrell, Jackson

JacksonNAME: Tyrell, Jackson
BORN: Kettle Falls, WA
HEIGHT: 5’6”
HAIR: dk brown
EYES: hazel
DISTINGUISHING MARKS: scar on left side of face
2014 – current – farmer, bovine talent provider
2004 – 2014 – Rodeo Clown
2001-2004 – rodeo cowboy
PERSONAL HISTORY: Jackson, the son of an Engineer and a teacher, was best friends (along with Donny Fernandez) with Nikki until she moved to the Seattle area during Junior High. When his father’s job took them to the west side during high school, he reconnected with Nikki and they began to date. But during college Jackson realized that he couldn’t support Nikki’s desperate socializing anymore and that he didn’t want to be in college. He promptly quit school and started following the rodeo circuit – first as a competitor and then as a rodeo clown. As he gained some money he purchased a ranch where he intends to breed rodeo bulls when he retires from clowning.

Merrivel, John

mrmNAME: Merrivel, John
BORN: San Jose, CA
HEIGHT: 5’11”
HAIR: white
EYES: blue
DISTINGUISHING MARKS: missing half of pinky on left hand
FAMILY: Miranda Merrivel (spouse)
Brett Merrivel – mother: Tiffany Merrival
Kate Merrivel – mother: Miranda Merrivel
Darrin Calvas – step-child, mother: Miranda Merrivel, father: Eric Calvas
Sean Calvas – step-child, mother: Miranda Merrivel, father: Eric Calvas
1988 – current Sanders & Merrivel Law Firm
1965 – 1983 REDACTED

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