Well first of all… Have you heard that I have a new book coming out in October?  The Second Shot is available on early pre-order ONLY on Apple.  I’m really excited about this romantic suspense novel with enough romance, family drama, and criminal escapades to make telenovela. If you haven’t already check it out: The Second Shot – Bethany Maines or learn more on The Deveraux page.

And now on to this weeks lipsticks.  Although, in this case it’s the battle of the glosses.

#1 – Pure Illumination – Color: ? Can’t find a color identifier.  Going with… Very light pink. – This lipgloss was a gift and is a winner for sheer cuteness in packaging.  It has a mirror on the side and a clickable little flashlight in the lid to help with applying gloss in those low-light situations. I never used it for actual lipstick application, but it did once help me find my keys. Sadly, my daughter also loved it and now the flashlight no longer works.

Decision: Toss it. The color is too baby doll for me.

#2 – Bare Minerals Marvelous Moxie – Show Off – Nice thick gloss, bit of a mint taste (which I like), and is a nice peachy pink.

Decision: Keep it.

#3 – Youngblood – Color: ? No identifier.  Going with beigey pink – I just realized that I got this gloss for my wedding, which was… awhile ago.  I don’t remember dates (that’s my husband’s job), but I’m pretty sure it was multiple years now.  Which makes both me and the lipgloss old. I probably ought to throw it out?  But it seems like it’s still good.

Decision: On the chopping block. If I’m tight on space it’s going.