New Year – Why are we here?

I don’t generally subscribe to New Year’s Resolutions. I think any time is a good time to start a new habit if you’re interested in making a change. But I do like to take time at the end of the year to assess some of the things that happened in the previous twelve months and try to make a few guesses about what the next twelve might bring.  I had some great things in 2021, but I have to admit that writing-wise I felt off-kilter.

In 2020, despite the pandemic and all the weirdness I was able to keep my head down and keep writing.  But in 2021, as things returned to “normal” my writing habits most definitely did not. I felt blocked on stories that I had every intention of writing. (To all of you waiting on the fourth San Juans mystery, I’m so sorry.  I have most of a plot.  I could be writing.  And yet, every time I sit down I end up deviating into ANYTHING else.)  And some of the things that I thought would be easy turned out to be surprisingly hard.

So what have I been doing?

In order to keep my creativity churning I pursued genres that are new for me.  Paranormal Romance is coming your way in 2022!  I’m excited about the 3 Color Trilogy. They contain all of my usual things—humor, action, and adventure.  But get out the fans and prepare to clutch some pearls, these wolf shifter romances (no one says werewolf anymore – so passé) are steamy.

I also didn’t write ANY short stories in 2021.  I managed to get several published, but they were all from 2020 or earlier. COVID closed down my local Noir at the Bar and I have to admit that agreeing to read for them, usually forced me to write something new.  Maybe I can find another deadline to pressure me into coming up with  a story because I’m hoping to write at least two this year (look, goal setting!). So far inspiration has yet to strike, but I’m sure there’s a news story about catalytic converter theft out there that has just enough Florida Man overtones to inspire me to write something criminally fun.

I spent some time working on screenplays in 2021 as well.  I’m working with a producer/director on a script based on my short story Suzy Makes Cupcakes.  The script expands on the short story and I’m hopeful that it will be shot in first quarter of 2022.  (Keep your fingers crossed!)  Scripts are an interesting challenge because they require a deep structural understanding of how stories work.

And that means what exactly for your favorite series’?

OK, so what with one thing and another that leaves me in a rather odd place in 2022 where I’m closing out some of my on-going projects.  The Deveraux Legacy #4 will drop in October with Jackson’s story in The Fallen Man and I’ll be releasing the 3 Colors Trilogy during the first quarter.  There are several stories on tap including a hilarious one about vampires that might not see the light of day until 2023, and I swear, swear, swear I will work on San Juan #4 because we all want to know what Tish is going to do about that movie role. (Although, if you think I’d let her ditch Nash you’re crazy. Only happy endings over here.)  So mostly, stay tuned and we’ll see what fun we can have. And please send all good thoughts my way that Suzy Makes Cupcakes makes it to the big screen.