It’s Cover Reveal Day for The Hardest Hit!

The Deveraux Legacy Series follows the adventures of four cousins as they navigate love, danger and the dark history of their family. Evan is the most messed up and therefore I love him the most. And of course, because I wrote it there are LOLs.
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The one thing that kept troubled Wall Street wizard Evan Deveraux from giving into his own depression was the love of his family. But Evan’s abusive past and dark family history are on a collision course with the present and soon Evan is going to need the help of all of his cousins to make his happily ever after come true.
Teaser (because you know you want it):
“I have had three boyfriends since Clark and I broke up and… nothing. I ended up faking it because I was bored with having someone hop up and down on top of me like a pygmy goat in heat,” said Olivia.
Evan paused with the glass halfway to his lips. “Pygmy goat?”
“There’s a surprising amount of bouncing. Anyway, it’s hard not to count the time past with that as a marker. Like I said, I think I’m broken.”
“No,” he said again.
“Oh, really? You know so much?” Olivia was annoyed. He didn’t get to argue about her life. It was her life. She planted her hands on her hips and stood in front of him.
“About that? Yes.” He looked annoyingly confident and he hadn’t moved from the doorway. He just leaned there, a glass of wine dangling from one hand a smug smile on his face.
“You just met me.”
“I’m still right.”
“Fine.” She glared at him, assessing how far she was willing to push things. She had promised herself when she moved that she wouldn’t get tied up in second-guessing what she wanted. And she was pretty sure that Evan was what she wanted. “Care to put your money where your mouth is?”
“Anytime, anywhere,” he said.
There was silence in the room.
“Oh,” said Olivia. She blinked up at him. She hadn’t expected him to say yes. She actually didn’t have any experience with first date sex and she wasn’t sure what the rules were. Polite clarification was probably in order. “Um. I was serious. Were you serious?”
His smile broadened to a grin. “Yes.”
“Oh.” That hadn’t helped any. “Um. I don’t know what to do next.”
He finished his glass in one long swallow and set the glass down on the bookshelf next to the door. “Come on.”