Finding Your Joy

Is Joy Geo-Caching a Thing?

There is a tik-toker who ends each of his reels with “Find Your Joy.”  And I’ve been giving that some thought.  There have been plenty of books written on “practicing gratitude” and other ways to bring positive thinking into your life.  But I like the idea that joy exists out there and I have to find it.  Like geo-caching for joy. And I also like the idea that your daily joy doesn’t have to be a big thing—just something that makes you go “ha!” and smile.

Today’s Joy Moment

Today’s joy is brought to you by Sian Ceinwen, who writes extremely smutty books.  I haven’t read her books, so how do I know that they are jam packed full of smut?  Well, because the math has been done.  Sian put together to help readers answer that eternal question – how steamy is this book?  Because one person’s “so steamy” is another’s yawn-fest and finding that perfect balance is hard.  Smut By Volume inputs how many chapters contain sexual activities beyond kissing that are described on the page (no “fade to black” or implied action) and calculates them against the total chapter number. I actually think that this is a great solution to the “how steamy is it?” question.  Empirical data can’t answer whether or not it’s “good” smut or writing, but at the very least it gives a reader a good idea what they’re walking into.

I also have to admit that the SBV rating just makes me giggle like a middle-schooler who just heard the word “penis.”  Number one I’m impressed by some of these numbers.  Literally, how do you get any plot in between the sex?  But also, I like statistics and having a little SBV graphic makes me happy.  I think my goal will be to achieve a 25% SBV rating.  I congratulate Sian on her new website and hope that it continues to grow.

So how smutty are my books?

Short answer – just the right amount (for me)! Even shorter answer?  About 20% smut by volume.  Want to learn more about my smutty books?  Head over to the Supernaturals page.