Paperbag Snowflake Craft Instructions


  • 9 paper lunch sacks
  • hot glue
  • scissors
  • twine
  • hole punch


  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Xacto knife

Step 1: Making it

  • Glue the bags together, flap side down
  • Make a T-Shape with the glue at the top of the flap and then along the seam about 3/4 the length of the bag.

Step 2: Cutting it

  • Decide what shapes you want
  • Sometimes a pencil helps here
  • Cut out the shapes
  • DO NOT cut along the flap!

Step 3: Sticking it

  • Unfold and glue the final edges together.
  • Sometimes it helps to stick your hands all the way in the bag.
  • Careful! Hot glue is… hot.

Step 4: Hang ’em High

  • Use a hole punch to make (you guessed it!) a hole.
  • Thread with twine (or ribbon).
  • Hang it up!

Other Ideas:

Add glitter or spray paint or have the kids color on the bags ahead of time.


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