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Blue Christmas Snags Another Accolade!

Wahoo! My little Christmas romantic-comedy Blue Christmas is still making waves – It has officially been named a Finalist at the Book Excellence Awards! (It’s also an award winning screenplay! Winner: Romance Film & Screenplay Festival 2019, Finalist: WriteMovies Romance and Comedy Award 2020) I loved writing the story of Blue and Jake – two […]

Pandemic Plotting Party

Last weekend, I reached peak pandemic and hosted a gathering in my carport. It was a writer’s gathering, aka a Plotting Party, so there was a lot of sitting and staring at our notebooks. And also snacking and freezing. But, as with other joint writing gatherings I’ve hosted, we did use each other to work […]

The Accent Mark Goes Here

You know how Madonna now talks with a British accent?  And everyone kind of mocks her?  It is annoying to have someone you know grew up in Michigan try and sound all posh, but at the same time… I would be the same way.  I once realized that I had been watching twenty minutes of […]

Countdown to The Lost Heir

With one week left until The Lost Heir is released, I find myself excited and nervous to hear reader reactions.  The novella is a prequel to the first two book in the Deveraux Legacy series – The Second Shot and The Cinderella Secret.  Each book of the series focuses on one of the Deveraux cousins […]