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Blue Christmas Snags Another Accolade!

Wahoo! My little Christmas romantic-comedy Blue Christmas is still making waves – It has officially been named a Finalist at the Book Excellence Awards! (It’s also an award winning screenplay! Winner: Romance Film & Screenplay Festival 2019, Finalist: WriteMovies Romance and Comedy Award 2020) I loved writing the story of Blue and Jake – two […]

Pandemic Plotting Party

Last weekend, I reached peak pandemic and hosted a gathering in my carport. It was a writer’s gathering, aka a Plotting Party, so there was a lot of sitting and staring at our notebooks. And also snacking and freezing. But, as with other joint writing gatherings I’ve hosted, we did use each other to work […]

The Accent Mark Goes Here

You know how Madonna now talks with a British accent?  And everyone kind of mocks her?  It is annoying to have someone you know grew up in Michigan try and sound all posh, but at the same time… I would be the same way.  I once realized that I had been watching twenty minutes of […]

Countdown to The Lost Heir

With one week left until The Lost Heir is released, I find myself excited and nervous to hear reader reactions.  The novella is a prequel to the first two book in the Deveraux Legacy series – The Second Shot and The Cinderella Secret.  Each book of the series focuses on one of the Deveraux cousins […]

Meet Lois Winston!

As many of you know, I’m a mom with a full time job as well as an author. And while all of that is challenging enough, the pandemic has brought many fresh and special new problems. To free up some of my time I’m relinquishing one of my Stiletto Gang posting days to the fantastic […]

Release Day!

It’s release day for The Cinderella Secret and my latest book baby is already racking up some stellar reviews! 5.0 out of 5 stars Aiden and Ella kick ass together! Fast paced, super enjoyable romantic thriller. I love these characters! 5.0 out of 5 stars I NEED the next book I fell in love with these characters […]

Comfortable Discomfort

I once had a cousin/uncle/grandparent-ish person (he was my second cousin once-removed if you want to get technical here, but the point is that he was in his eighties and I was around ten, you get the idea) who once posed the question that I probably wasn’t supposed to hear – what’s the difference between naked and nekkid?  […]