Anti-heroes, bad guys, uncles and the dynamic crime-fighting duo of Shark and Peri equal reading bliss, especially if you like some heart, brains and wit with your down-and-dirty grit.  All I can add is READ IT.

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Tome Tender Book BlogShark’s Hunt

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It was unexpected in the best possible way. It’s gritty and a bit hardcore but has good bits of humor and lightness mixed in.

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Michelle on BookBub

Witty, clever and filled with some fascinating characters, SHARK’S INSTINCT is far from your typical mob style mystery! Bethany Maines has created a fun read with attitude and a collection of characters are sharp, a little daring and most likely more than they appear to be on first glance.

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Tome Tender Book Blog

Quick, witty, great characters, and a fun romp thru a seedy world of suburban crime. I especially loved Peri, cheeky, brilliant, unexpected teen crime savant as she collides with surprisingly relatable Shark and his gang of wise guys and drug dealers. Give me the next installment now!

K. Tully at Amazon

Bethany Maines has struck reading gold once again with SHARK’S BITE and I couldn’t be happier! Humor, heart, a touch of forbidden romance, tons of action, bad guys being bad, good guys being bad and did I mention Peri being Peri? The young woman is more than brilliant, she is deviously brilliant with a bark that isn’t nearly as dangerous as her own bite.

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Tome Tender Book BlogShark’s Bite

I loved how it was irreverent and funny. It was so easy to start because the author just sort of dove in with the action and angles and I was invested from the beginning.

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Carrie Thackton on GoodreadsShark’s Instinct

Shark’s Instinct (#1)

Fresh out of prison and fresh out of luck, twenty-something Shark wants back into The Organization. But when Geier, the mob boss with a cruel sense of humor, sends Shark to the suburbs to find out who’s been skimming his take, Shark realizes he’s going to need more than his gun and an attitude to succeed. With the clock ticking, Shark accepts the help of the mysterious teenage fixer, Peregrine Hays, and embarks on a scheme that could line his pockets, land him the girl and cement his reputation with the gang—if he makes it out alive.

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Shark’s Bite (#2)

Shark has been doing his time in the suburbs and doing his best to stay away from Peregrine Hays. But when Shark becomes the target of a crooked ATF agent, he has no choice but to call on Peri. As they attempt to close down Fowler’s operation, Shark and Peri must contend with an angry biker gang, Shark’s smoking hot parole officer, Peri’s alcoholic uncle, and their own undeniable attraction to one another. And Shark begins to suspect that Peri has her own reasons for being interested in Agent Fowler. Can Shark walk the knife edge between Peri, his gang and the law to bring down Fowler and get back into the upper echelons of The Organization?

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Shark’s Hunt (#3)

After being blackmailed into abandoning Peri by her uncle Al, the ex-special forces private investigator, Shark knows he must focus on his mission—bring down Geier. But it’s a mission complicated by a brewing gang war between The Organization and the Scarecrow Jacks. And when Geier sends Shark head-hunting against the Scarecrows, Shark finds his paths crossing with Peri once again. And soon, Shark finds that he may be forced to rely on Al to not just survive, but to save Peri.

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The Shark Santoyo Crime Series

The criminals are savage, the stakes are high and even the suburbs hide secrets that can kill.

When twenty something Shark got out of prison and made a deal with Geier, the boss of his old gang, he knew he’d be walking into trouble, but he never expected to meet the teenage crime savant Peregrine Hays. The knife-wielding beauty may fuel his dreams, but Peregrine has secrets of her own, and soon Shark is swept up in a whirlpool of murder, revenge, and love. Both streetwise and hardened by dark pasts, Shark and Peri are the perfect match as they battle crooked federal agents, sex traffickers, and gangs in search of vindication. But when Shark is faced with an enemy that knows him better than anyone else, he and Peri learn that their options may be staying together OR staying alive…

A Shark Short Story

The Shark Tank

Start at the very beginning with the short story – The Shark Tank – and meet Shark before Peri, before prison, and before everyone wanted him dead. But not before he found the perfect couch.

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