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San Juan Island Murder Mysteries


You never know what’s beneath the surface.

When Seattle native Tish Yearly finds herself fired and evicted all in one afternoon, she knows she’s in deep water. Unemployed and desperate, the 26 year old ex-actress heads for the one place she knows she’ll be welcome – the house of her cantankerous ex-CIA agent grandfather, Tobias Yearly, in the San Juan Islands. And when she discovers the strangled corpse of Tobias’s best friend, she knows she’s in over her head. Tish is thrown head-long into a mystery that pits her against a handsome but straight-laced Sheriff’s Deputy, a group of eccentric and clannish local residents, and a killer who knows the island far better than she does. Now Tish must swim against the current, depending on her nearly forgotten acting skills and her grandfather’s spy craft, to con a killer and keep them alive.

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You never know what will drag you down.

Former actress Tish Yearly is determined to turn an old Orcas Island homestead into the premier wedding venue in the San Juans Islands of Washington, but money, skill and her grandfather, Tobias Yearly, are all standing in her way. Tobias, the septuagenarian ex-CIA agent, wants them to become private investigators. Tish might be able to ignore her grandfather’s whims, except that her one time love interest and current friend, handsome Sheriff’s Deputy Emmett Nash, was just accused of murdering his ex-wife’s boyfriend. Now Tish and Tobias are on the case, and it should be easy—after all, who could really think Nash was a killer?—but the further they investigate, the more people seem to be threatening her life: the police detective on the case, Nash’s angry ex-wife, his psychotic ex-girlfriend, and a strangely venomous group of hippies. Almost everyone on the island seems determined to stop her. Tish is swimming against the undertow, but it might not be enough to save either Nash or herself.

Blue Zephyr Press • Print & E-Formats

Reviews for San Juan Mysteries

If you’re looking for a summer mystery that’s likely to get you cheered up, in spite of murder and risk, and will find a way to have the forces of good triumph (or at least get kissed?), pick up AGAINST THE UNDERTOW.

Beth KKingdom Books

I loved, loved, loved these two books. It’s a series I hope goes on forever.

Seraphim0731Amazon Review

Loved this book! I really couldn’t put it down … Ms. Maines has a very good sense of humor and the main character, Tish, really appealed to me. I loved the setting, and even though I haven’t been there from the descriptions in the book it was easy to imagine myself in the San Juan Islands in Washington state. I can see that this will make a great series with original characters and many fun situations to entertain me/us. I am very much looking forward to the next book! Hopefully there will be a series?

NicetoMiceAmazon Review

I loved this book, it was full of quirky characters, a stubborn deputy, and lots of plot twists.

KayeKAmazon Review

This book was wonderful! I purchased it as an unknown, and it was the best surprise. Sometimes we just get lucky. Very nice humorous touches with realistic situations. Tish and Tobias are a wonderful granddaughter, grandfather combo. I hope that this storyline continues on.

Suki AnneAmazon Review

It is difficult to stop reading the book once you start. If you appreciate a fascinating, cleverly plotted, entertaining mystery with numerous twists and turns, making it a delightful read, this book is for you. I’m looking forward to reading of Tish’s adventures as she acclimates to Island living.

Joanne KAmazon Review

I really enjoyed this book especially for the writing style. This is my first time with this author and since the new book in the series is coming out in June I had to buy this one and I’m sure glad I did. Well written and edited. What I enjoyed the most is the realistic interactions & dialogue between the characters. The dialogue was very blunt and sarcastic at times but was very true to life and made the characters very real. Really liked Tish and her 78 yr old grandfather Tobias who is former CIA and their relationship. Tish’s previous acting career comes in handy when she is talked into helping find out who murdered Tobias’ best friend. Lots of humor and suspense made it a very fun & interesting read. 

HelenaAmazon Review

This book will keep you guessing until the end! 

MarilynAmazon Review

It reminds me of the Stephanie Plum mysteries – I couldn’t stop laughing the entire time I was reading. 

MerrieAmazon Review